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New Year's Eve ideas to celebrate 1931 in Shanghai!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The "Paris of the East" is loaded with exciting events, places and opportunities to wave goodbye to 1930 in style and glamour! Hereafter our special selection!

Playboy of Paris

The "talkies" arrived in Shanghai!

At Le Capitol you can enjoy the latest Paramount Picture musical comedy, Playboy of Paris, directed by Ludwig Berger, starring the most internationally beloved French singer and actor Maurice Chevalier and the stunning American actress Frances Marion Dee.

The plot: Albert Loriflan (Maurice Chevalier), a waiter in a Paris cafe, unexpectedly inherits a large sum of money from a wealthy relative. His unscrupulous boss, Philibert, refuses to release him from his long-term contract in the hope that Albert will buy him off with a large payment. But Albert refuses, and continues to work at the cafe even though he is now very rich. Before long he falls in love with Philibert's daughter Yvonne (Frances Marion Dee)...

Party at the most fashionable places in town!

Make this New Year's Eve the happiest you have ever spent!

At The Old Carlton, the meeting place for Shanghai's elegant elite, you will enjoy an unforgettable dinner listening to Jazz music!

The Astor House Hotel is the place you are looking for a more festive dance dinner atmosphere!

Finally, if you are a bachelor, you can dance with forty beautiful taxi girls at Casanova!

Looking for an elegant New Year's Eve gift?

Offer her or him a French luxury perfume! At Façon boutique, The French Perfume House in Shanghai, you will find the latest fragrances from Paris!

Where to find us?


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Located within Jianyeli Capella Hotel complex.

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