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The Original Shanghai Flagship Store

In 2017, we unveiled our Flagship store in Shanghai, strategically located in the charming and historic Jian Ye Li district, catering to our diverse clientele.

Nestled within a quaint lane and adorned with a typical Shikumen house stone gate, our boutique seamlessly blended the essence of Old Shanghai with contemporary flair. The interior harmoniously connected the heritage backdrop with neo-modernist aesthetics.

The terrazzo flooring added a vintage touch, while the mahogany wood and silver steel furniture pieces offered a modern interpretation of Haipai, the iconic Shanghai style of the 1930s.

Inspired by the city's maritime heritage, horizontal lines and nautical elements adorned the decor. The warm tones of beige, and burgundy infused the space with a cozy ambiance, complementing de Folleville fragrances.

Regrettably, in the wake of the Covid pandemic, we made the difficult decision to bid farewell to our beloved shop, with a heavy heart. Yet, this moment also presents a significant opportunity to reinvent ourselves and seize new opportunities!

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