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Updated: Sep 4

Like the title of this post taken from the lyrics of the song, Night over Shanghai, the atmosphere of 1930s Shanghai nights has often been described as exuding a special power awakening the senses. Particularly that of its legendary elite ballrooms like the Paramount ballroom, the French Club or The Metropole.

A source of inspiration for countless artistic creations encompassing not only cinema, photography and literature but also painting, music, fashion and perfumery...

Velours de Nuit No10 Evening fragrance parfum perfume niche perfumery jazz

Velours de Nuit N°10, the jazziest evening fragrance

Velours de Nuit N°10 transports you back to the high-class ambiance of the greatest Shanghai ballrooms of the thirties. Imagine the incessant comings and goings of luxury cabriolets and coupés Delage and Bugatti in front of the club entrance, the flash of a beautiful Qipao dress, the whirl of dance, hurrying table boys, swing Jazz music...

Close your eyes and give free rein to your imagination! You are there! The band is playing Helen Forrest’s hit Night Over Shanghai, the peppery and heady smell of cigar smoke mingles with the fruity notes of spirits and the sensual scents of nightlife...

"The peppery and heady smell of cigar smoke mingles with the fruity notes of spirits and the sensual scents of nightlife..."

Velours de Nuit N°10, signed by French nez Bertrand Duchaufour, is a sensual and tantalizing oriental fragrance exuding spicy and dried fruits notes with a distinctive tobacco facet. This evening fragrance, unique and seductive, for women but smelling great on men, is available as 30 and 70ml bottle of Eau de Parfum.

"what is the best niche perfume" evening fragrance  jazz Shanghai
* The evening fragrance that captures your heart

Few words about the song Night over Shanghai

The jazz song Night Over Shanghai has been a key source of inspiration for the creation of Velours de Nuit N°10.

It is from the 1937 movie The Singing Marine, written by Johnny Mercer, composed by Harry Warren and interpreted by the legendary Helen Forrest, the "girl singer" for the most popular big bands of the Swing Era.

Here after the audio link and the lyrics of the song played by Artie Shaw & Orchestra to get you in a jazzy mood!

jazz new york "nights over shanghai" "Velours de Nuit No10" Helen Forrest Artie Shaw & Orchestra

The Singing Marine

Olfactive pyramid

Old rum Cinnamon Carrot seed Orris Puer tea Osmanthus Beewax Plum Vanilla Driftwood Immortelle

Made in France

Velours de Nuit No10 is exclusively produced in France in cooperation with the French fragrance company Technicoflor.

Vintage aviation made in France Paris Rome Beirut Athens Istanbul Karachi Bagdad Jodhpur Calcutta Rangoon Bangkok Hanoi Saigon Hongkong Shanghai

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Updated: Sep 4

You like a fragrance, but you don't understand it. It's the mystery it exudes, the curiosity it arouses, and not the inherent understanding of the scents that makes a perfume magical. The short story, "The Gentleman Champion", is the inspiration behind Jour de Gloire No9. The tale briefly portrays the sensory world of Rugby and partly unveils the origin of perfumed notes and essences that make up the fragrance.

The Gentleman Champion: A Charming Encounter in 1930s Shanghai

Jour de Gloire No9 Rugby fragrance sport pitch green grass

Shanghai, a Sunday afternoon in the late 1930s...

Sipping my Pink Gin I breathe from the terrace of the club house the earthy autumn scents. The China Sea breeze caresses the green grass of the sports fields before vanishing through the cypress trees. The Shanghai Rugby Football Club is a joyful place where the local elite comes to socialize and escape from the city life.

The terrace is now crowded as the sun sinks in the golden west. The noise and fervour of victory saturate the atmosphere! As captain of our Rugby team I propose a toast to our new title as Champions of the Autumn Tournament. This evening our team is the pride of our club! We all look so proud smoking cigars in our black evening suits!

I negotiate my way through the noisy crowd to the lounge bar. The orchestra is playing "In the Mood" electrifying the ambiance with its syncopated beats. Seated on a red velvet sofa a young lady is dressed in a silver gown that sparkles with silver highlights. She smokes gracefully with a long cigarette holder in a pensive way. She is most beautiful and seems almost inaccessible.

“ Do you mind if I sit by you? ”

“ Please do! You must be very tired out after this tough game! ”

The orchestra follows with "Moonlight Serenade." I am totally charmed by her, and at that moment, I would have never imagined that this encounter, so unexpectedly captivating, would change the course of my life...

gentlemen rugby players smoking cigare black tie

Photography Credit: Simon Drakeford, author of " It's a Rough Game but Good Sport: The Life, Times and Personalities of the Shanghai Rugby Football Club "

Jour de Gloire N°9

Jour de Gloire N°9, signed by French nez Bertrand Duchaufour, is a fougère fresh and spicy fragrance. It is a vivid and elegant fragrant interpretation of the short story "The Gentleman champion".

The green twist of grass and earth of the Rugby pitch, the warm hay notes of a cigar, the tonic and joyful blend of aromatic, spicy and fresh notes of Pink Gin, and woody smell of cypress trees...

The architecture of Jour de Gloire N°9 is sophisticated, structured and perfectly balanced.

A revitalizing and energizing fragrance, leaving a fresh and aromatic trail. Its spicy and radiant heart transports you to exotic horizons, evoking a breeze of freedom. The woody, herbal, and earthy base notes offer you a true escape into nature.

No wonder why Jour de Gloire N°9 is the gentleman's perfect companion for a weekend of sport with friends followed by an elegant cocktail party in town! A resolutely masculine fragrance that smells great on a sporting woman!

Olfactive pyramid of Jour de Gloire No9

Did you know?

Fougère, pronounced « foo-shair », means fern in French. The name of the fougère fragrance family refers to Fougère Royale, a perfume created by Paul Parquet in 1882, that revolutionized men's perfumery in its time.

It was the first fragrance to include the synthetic note of coumarin (derived from tonka bean) which scent varies from green grassy to sweet almond and tobacco. Fougère fragrances still remain today the most popular style of fragrances for men.

Fern fougère nature green forest perfume

Classic fougères typically feature bergamot (fresh), lavender (aromatic), geranium (floral, green, aromatic), vetiver (earthy, woody), oakmoss (earthy) and coumarin (herbal, sweet) notes. Modern Fougères, such as Jour de Gloire N°9, are characterized by additional woody, green, herbal, spicy and even floral notes.

A complete fragrance wardrobe should always include a fougère perfume!

Jour de Gloire No9 perfume shanghai vintage "jean de folleville" rugby

Made in France

Jour de Gloire N°9 is exclusively produced in France in cooperation with the French fragrance company Technicoflor.

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The iconic Plage des Chalets (Chalets Beach)

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, I felt the need to share with you my attachment to a particularly romantic place that always gave me the impression of being in distant lands, an imaginary country, a wild space. This place is the Plage des Chalets (Chalets Beach) located in Gruissan, a Mediterranean coastal village in South West France.

This is also the main location of the famous movie Betty Blue (original French title is 37°2 le matin, meaning "37°2 in the morning") shot by Jean-Jacques Beineix in 1985. The French film director chose the neighborhood of chalets on stilts, facing kilometers of sandy beach, as the setting of the birth of the destructive passion between Betty (Béatrice Dalle) and Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade), one of the most legendary couples of French cinema.

Zorg and Betty start their journey together in a chalet on the beach. It’s all very appealing: It’s simple and it meets basic needs. There’s one room where they eat, sleep, make love and, of course, have violent disputes. Betty is a cyclone and Zorg loves it: it’s the crazy energy that keeps them alive. Who cares if Betty throws all the pans out of the window or flings the beer bottles across the room. Material things don’t matter...

Invitation to a scented stroll along the Plage des Chalets

Piège de Soie No1

Top notes: cherry, strawberry

Middle notes: wintersweet flower, heliotrope

Base notes: vanilla, ambergris

Miroir de l'Air No2

Top notes: Sicilian mandarin, candy apple

Middle notes: osmanthus,patchouli

Base notes: sandalwood, musk

Etoile de Jour No3

Top notes: Himalayan incense, pink pepper

Middle notes: English rose, green pepper

Base notes: violet flower, white cedarwood

Tige de Lumière No4

Top notes: summer pear, violet leaves

Middle notes: white peony, lily-of-the-valley

Base notes: Cashmir wood, magnolia

Cendres d' Automne No5

Top notes: bamboo, rhubarb

Middle notes: jasmine, mimosa

Base notes: orris, benzoin

Jeunesse du Temps No6

Top notes: Burgundy black currant, ivy leaves

Middle notes: gardenia, pina colada accord

Base notes: coco milk, raspberry

Bouquet des Sèves No7

Top notes: bergamot, lotus flower

Middle notes: Longjing tea, cyclamen

Base notes: orange blossoms, vetiver

Matin d'Opale No8

Top notes: Calabria bergamot, orange blossoms

Middle notes: Shanghai magnolia, Oolong tea

Base notes: Mysore sandalwood, ambergris

Looking for an elegant Valentine's day gift?

Offer her or him a French luxury perfume! At Façon boutique, The French Perfume House in Shanghai, you will find the latest fragrances from Paris!

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