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Somewhere in the Old French Quarter...

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The bewitching scents of the Far East...

We founded Parfums De Folleville (formerly Façon Parfums) in 2013 as the first French niche perfume house ever created in Shanghai.

We draw our inspiration from the bewitching scents of the Orient and the sweet madness of the Années Folles*, the spirit of which has never left the most glamorous city in the Far East.

Designed in the shade of the plane trees of Shanghai Old French Quarter, De Folleville fragrances take us from the mysterious mist of the China Sea to the Mediterranean sunny shores...


Fangfang & Pat de Folleville


*Années Folles, literally "Crazy Years" in French, the decade of the 1920s in France known for the rich social, artistic and economic boom of the period. It is also referred to as the Roaring Twenties or the Jazz Age.     


Fangfang & Pat Working square B&W sepia A115 IMG_2439 V4.jpg
No10 Cannes V3 sepia .jpg

Made in France

De Folleville perfumes are exclusively produced in France in cooperation with renowned perfume designers and the best manufacturers of rare fragrances and essences.

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